admission policy


1. Admission to various classes. 

1.1 -- Normally admission will be done in Jr K.G.

1.2 -- Admission to other classes will be subject to the availability of seats in each class.

1.3 -- Minimum age for Jr K.G. is three years plus.

2. Preferences.

2.1 -- All catholics will be admitted in the K.G. The No Objection Certificate of the Parish Priest is a must.

2.2 -- Christians who belong to established churches will also be admitted provided they have a letter from the respective pastor and also if they agree to attend Religion class in the school. A written declaration to that effect will be taken from the parents at the time of admission.

2.3 -- Catholics will be given preference in other classes.

2.4 -- Children of working class parents, the poor and the marginalised of locality will be given a preference

2.5 -- Children of neighbourhood, sibling, past pupils: Depending on the level of association with the school.

2.6 -- Transfer cases depending on the number in the class.