Don Bosco High School, Yerwada. 

In February 1952 some of the Jesuit Fathers from the De Nobile College Ramwadi, situated on the Pune Nagar Road, started the Fatima Tamil Primary School to educate the Tamil children of the slums of Yerwada. For their spiritual needs, people either went to City Church or to Camp to attend the Sunday Services.

Rev.Fr.Mascarenhas.SJ. was responsible for providing a seemingly permanent site for the school and the parish near the market in the form of 3 tiny rooms. In the Year 1970 the School was converted into an English Medium School.

In 1977 Rev.Fr.Michael Mascarenhas. Sdb took charge of the parish and its School and after endless trouble managed to acquire spacious land for the School about 2 kms away, thus the School and Parish was shifted to its present site at the end of the scholastic Year 1978. At the end of June 1979 the School was christened and formally recognized by the Department of Education,Pune,as, ‘ Don Bosco High School’. The School was initially housed in a temporary asbestos and tin structure. Work on the present structure began and the students were able to enter the present School building only in June 1988. Originally we had the High School and primary section housed in the new buiding. Later, another structure came up to house the pre-primary & Junior College plus a multi-purpose hall.