DON BOSCO HOSTS PMI-MARATHON 2020 Pune,Feb 9: Don Bosco Pune felt highly honoured today as it venued the second PMI-PUNE MARATHON organised by the Prison Ministry India. The marathon had a very noble purpose of helping out the prisoners in different jails and their families who are going through a really tough time with life. Padmashree Dhanraj Pillay, the legendary hockey player and former captain of the Indian Hockey team was the Chief Guest for the event. The marathon was signalled green at the hands of the Chief Guest Mr.Dhanraj and THE Bishop of Pune Rev. Fr. Thomas Dabre at 6.30 am. Hundreds of participants from Pune and many other cities ran for the humanitarian cause. The marathon aimed at extending a hand of help to those prisoners who are not criminals, but are victims of situational offences and a variety of other reasons and who sincerely repent for the sin that has happened as their misfortune. PMI honestly feels that they deserve a second chance of life, through the blessings of the Lord. Their families need support and the moral boost. The Bishop of Pune, Rev.Dr. Thomas Dabre acted as the inspiration behind this occasion. In his speech, he said,"It is really very nice to see hundreds of people gathered here not to be a part of just an event, but also to be a part of the noble movement. Padmashree Dhanraj Pillay said," Everyone of us must do physical exercise and running is one of the best exercises." He also advised children and their parents to play at least for one and half hour daily on a play ground." The marathon had 3 categories of 3 km, 10 km and 21 kms. The students of DON BOSCO participated in a large number and completed the mini-marathon. All those who completed the mini marathon were felicitated with a medal and certificate at4 certificate at the hands of the Chief Guest as well as the Rector Fr Michael Bansode. The winners of the various categories were awarded with cash prizes as well. The event was a grand SUCCESS.... REPORT BY.... PRASHANT GAIKWAD