10/08/2019 - 10/08/2019

Swacchta awarness activity was held for the students of primary section on 10th of August 2019. The Students of the primary section were made aware of the surrounding and the harm caused by humans littering the place, improper segregation of waste.  The students were also made aware of the terms like 'medical waste' and the 'e-waste'. The students were informed about the do's and the don'ts of self hygiene and personal care.

A video depicting the awareness of cleanliness was also showed to the students inorder to encourage them to keep their surroundings and themselves clean. 

The students were also given swachhta survey forms to know the problems faced by them in vicinity. 

At the end of the session students promised to utilised the twin dust bins in the class and segregate the waste in class on a daily bases.