Pune, Jan.21:

The National Fire and Evacuation Day was observed at Don Bosco, Yerwada in a very meaningful way. Don Bosco high school, Safe Kids Foundation-Honeywell India and Fire Brigade-PMC jointly organised the programme in a very active manner. The Safe Kids Foundation also organised a “School-Building Model’ competition for all the schools across Pune. Almost 25 schools participated in the competition. There was a Rangoli competition on the theme Fire Safety as well.

  As a part of their ‘Awareness through Demonstration and Training’programme, Fire Brigade of PMC displayed a live demonstration of fire-fighting and fire-safety. The demonstration showcased on-hand drills of how to extinguish fires of different types with different types of extinguishers. The fire fighting van of the brigade demonstrated how they control fire in various scenarios using a number of fire-fighting tools and equipments. The Divisional Fire Officer (PMC) Mr. Sunil Gilbile described to the students the background and importance of National Fire and Evacuation Day. He said, “ Even a child can save lives of many people in case of fire. Therefore you all must be very much alert and must act smartly to save your own and others’ lives. Use the skills that you will acquire during today’s demonstration in your day to day life.” He also appreciated the enthusiasm and interest of Don Bosco students in performing the mock drills along with the fire officers. Mr.Wali, Sir Suryakant, Tr.Pranali, Tr.Sayeema from among the teachers and Tanish Das, Aditya Sawant, Nidhi Agarwal and Pragati Chavan (VII STD.) from among the students participated in the mock drills of the fire brigade. While sharing the experience Tanish said, “I felt very proud after the drill of extinguishing fire.” Nidhi said, “I was scared to see fire at first but the Officer's support made me fulfil the task confidently. It’s a life time learning experience for me.” One teacher Mr.Wali said, “The demonstration and drills on hands will be very useful for all the students and teachers. We got to know the simple and effective techniques to extinguish fire as well as save lives in case of fire.”

All the fire brigade officials were felicitated at the hands of the Principal Rev. Fr. Bosco D'mello in appreciation of their service to the community. Fr.Bosco advised the students to be vigilant in avoiding incidents of fire as well as fight bravely and tactfully by following all the safety measures.

The regional Head of Safe Kids Dr. Cinthia Pinto, Divisional Officer of Honeywell India Ms.Sangita Ghalay, Officers of PMC Fire Brigade were the guests of honour for the programme. Students and staff of Primary, Secondary and Jr. College sections of Don Bosco were present at the occasion.